Know Whom Am I?


Name: Krishna Kumar

Nick Name:KrishKT                          

Nationality: Indian                         

Education: Bachelor of Engineering                           

Profession: Part of Engineers in Engineering this world                

Interests: Xploring new..., Music, Windows App/Graphic/Web Designing 

Hobbies: Surfing, Listening to songs... 

Dream Companies to Work: Microsoft

Forte: Eagerness to know or explore new things

Hitch: Fantasy, rare genuine concentration

My 3 mantras: Be yourself. | Everything is for good... | Everthing has a reason for it!                                                     


Like whom I want to be? Myself 

What love means to me? Love     

Have I ever been in love with someone? ? / !         

What a best friend means to me? Friends are always friends

The one thing I love about my college life? Found myself busy engaged in co-curricular activities!

What I always to be on my work? Try to do my work with utmost perfection!

How do I alleviate stress? Being alone / listening to music

Life is hell without? Love

What makes me worse? Fantasies

Want to be (Profession)? A contributor to MSDN

As of now, being (Profession)? A subscriber/contributor to TechNet

​Any lesson learned? Care for others, but don't care what others think of you.



Food: Mom made chicken curry

Spend Time: Computer/Music/Strolling

Colors: Black & White

Music Genres: Melody, Hip hop, Classical, Ganna

Movies: Adventure, Animation, Drama, Comedy

TV Channels: Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC Earth

Music Composer: A.R. Rahman



Hate people if: Pretend to love to have their work done